"Every .NET developer knows about the Hessian Project", claims Flex developer!

by dotnetpete 17. October 2008 17:03

We're working on a project now where there is a .NET WinForms client (for power users) communicating with a Java middle tier. For occasional and public users there is a Flex client. Because .NET clients cannot directly communicate with the Java middle tier (Spring Beans), the middle tier guys have created web services for our team to use.

When the Flex team came onboard and saw the web services, they said they could talk directly with Spring Beans via OpenAMF or Hessian project so there was no need for the web services layer. They also said that the .NET client could also use the Hessian project and that EVERY .NET developer knew about the Hessian project!

Anyone used the Hessian project? At this point I'm just interested hearing from people who've heard of it!

Interestingly I was at Bunnings looking at paint over the weekend and I saw a colour called Hessian. I wonder if all painters know about this colour! :)