Database to LINQ to SQL based application in 30 seconds with PLINQO

by dotnetpete 8. October 2010 12:38

Came across a very cool Codesmith solution called PLINQO that really speeds up the process of creating new database projects from scratch.

Open the QuickStart Codesmith template in Codesmith Professional and all you need to do is specify the database and you're away.

Generated with the solution's files is a LINQ to SQL dbml file ready to go.

You can also choose to:

  1. Create an interface project as either a dynamic data website or web application.
  2. Create to create a test project.
  3. Choose the location of the output files.
  4. Copy the Codesmith templates to the output folder with defaults set from the initial generation ie source database.

When you generate output on the generated CSP file all classes are automatically generated including files that you can add code to without wiping out the core functionality. Generated files that can be regenerated at any time have .generated in their names.

I see this as a alternative to using something like Visual Studio Lightswitch. PLINQO allows you to modify the templates to suit your needs for differing styles or standards.

You can check out more about PLINQO here.


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